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HB Hunting Products protein feeders are manufactured with 16 gauge steel sidewalls and 2” tube steel. The interior design insures that ALL of the feed drains to the bottom mounted 6” x 6” tubes for easy feeding access and creates a virtually CLOG-PROOF feeder. The new corner tube placement insures the widest separation of feed tubes in the industry. This corner tube design allows over 270 degrees of visibility for feeding whitetails, making them more comfortable, while not risking potential horn damage caused by “overhead” bin designs. The tube steel angled skids have a wide stance for ease in moving. 

1350 lb. Protein Feeder

  • HB Hunting Products
    1350 lb. Protein capacity (approx.)

    • 16 gauge sheet steel
    • Tube height 36”
    • 45 degree angle interior cone
    • Four 6” x 6” bottom mounted tubes
    • Angled skids for easy maneuvering
    • 40” width x 48” length x 78” height
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