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This feeder utilizes "The Timer" control unit with 12v solar panel to dispense feed up to 6 times a day into the 4 sided feed trough. You control the amount of feed and when they eat! Works equally well with corn or any pelletized feed up to 3/8" diameter. All steel construction. Heavy duty steel feeder features ALL WELDED CONSTRUCTION. No leaking pop rivets or loose screws. Built to last a lifetime.

700 lb. Time Release

  • HB Hunting Products
    700 lb. corn capacity

    • Overall height 5’ 8”
    • Overall footprint: 47” x 47”  
    • One piece lid with easy access door to control unit
    • 4 sided Feed Trough made with 16 gauge steel
    • Skid style base using 2"x 2” square tubing
    • Includes 12V “The Timer” Control Unit
    • Includes 12 volt Solar Panel
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